Our History is a retail website of Embossed Graphics, a family owned company established in 1974, based in Aurora, Illinois. But our story begins before that, in 1958, in a sleepy town 30 miles outside Chicago, when a man named Stanley Pauling began selling printing machinery and supplies to newspapers. During the next 16 years, he built his knowledge of the printing market, to the point where he began selling quality custom printed stationery for his clients.


In 1974, Stanley, ever the entrepreneur, changed the direction of his company after developing a specialized process of embossing that used recyclable embossing dies. The new company, Embossed Graphics, exclusively produced personalized papers for high-end, national retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Bergdorf Goodman. He invested in new typefaces, including Anthony, Sally Script, and Impulse, and added new products such as napkins.

New Leadership

Over time, Stanley passed along his printing passion and knowledge to his son Richard Pauling. As a boy, Richard helped in the shop, creating printing plates, inspecting the work and learning the business from the inside. In 1982 Stanley retired, leaving Richard and his wife Marcia to take over the business and bring in their own fresh ideas. Over the past 25 years, Embossed Graphics has innovated specialized personalizing production software, became one of the first companies to use digital color offsetting, and launched new personalized stationery, napkin and gift products that are industry standards.

The Best in the Industry

High quality, low prices and fast turnaround times: That's what Embossed Graphics is known for in the printing and stationery industry. We are proud of our extremely high accuracy rate (99.4%). Today, we are one of only a handful of highly specialized national printing companies in the personalized stationery and napkins realms.

Growing and Taking Root is a new retail website of Embossed Graphics, specializing in personalized napkins and gifts. Home entertaining and party planning have reached new heights of popularity in today's culture. We've noticed all across the U.S. people want to put their signature style on their events, whether it be a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or work event. This website answers these needs and more. We think you'll love our product selection and will be delighted by our quality, speed and prices. Putting on a party has never been more convenient or fun.