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Embossed Napkins & Guest Towels

Make your next birthday party, baby shower or wedding perfect with embossed napkins and guest towels that ship in 24 hours.

Serve treats, appetizers, beverages or cake on sturdy papers that are beautifully embellished and convey the tone of your party. Decorate a powder room, buffet table, beverage cart and more with these quality embossed napkins and guest towels.

Our unique embossed designs and lettering styles are raised, resulting in a three-dimensional image on a 3-ply napkin or guest towel.

We have the largest selection of embossed napkins. Create any style or theme for your celebration at the lowest price. We help make your decision-making a snap with the highest-quality products and 24 hour shipping.

Fashionable, Sophisticated, and Classic

Our designs include bridal, birthday, anniversary, graduation, christening and holiday and much more.

Your guests will rave about our embossed napkins. The look and feel of an embossed napkin lends an air of sophistication to any event. Our 3-ply napkins and guest towels are soft and luxurious to the touch.

Shipped in 24 hours. Free FedEx ground shipping on all orders.